Bervidson Retail Group Nigeria’s leading retail consulting, training and development company, the convener of The Retail Leaders Conference, and promoters of the Retail Academy presents a 3-day Training Workshop for Total Success in Retail Management for Senior Retail Managers and Leaders!


  • Date: Feb 26-28, 2018
  • Venue: Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja / Bervidson Training Centre, Lekki Phase 1




Retail Performance Metrics, KPI’s and Balanced Scorecards for Retail Management – Identification and Selection of the critical KPI’s for correct balanced scorecard implementation and much more.

How to effectively utilize Business Intelligence in all areas of retail operations to boost sales and profit – Retailers are increasingly focusing on how they can improve customer intelligence and remove wasteful spending.

Leading concepts and best practices in Retail Executive Leadership for Performance Management – Strategic enablement, Strategic staffing models, how to create high performance culture, how to develop strategic imperatives, and much more

Retail Sales and Operations Success Blueprint to maximize sales and profits – 16 step formula to improve any metric by 20% in 180 days.

And much more…


  • The scope and delivery are first class. I feel better informed and ready to make changes. I have gotten value for money. – Adeola Ade-Ojo, Owner/CEO @ Deola Sagoe
  • Information & clarity received has helped to better define objectives & expectations in a retail business.
    – Adenike Ogunlesi, Owner/CRO @ Ruff & Tumble
  • It is very informative. The course is very analycal; therefore, results in one’s organization can be measured and evaluated. – Modupe Ogunlesi, Owner/CEO @ Adam & Eve Shop
  • Rich, current and relevant content/materials. It was very practical with a perfect blend with real life situation and challenges in today business. – Tony Iloh, Head, Retail Strategy & Rollout @ Etisalat, Nigeria
  • I like the preparation and the ideas/concepts that were explained in detail by experienced trainers.
    – Samuel Ejeh, Owner/CEO @ Grocery Bazaar
  • Training was very insightful and will assist not only on the job but personally.
    – Daro Idollo Edero, Regional Head – Retail & Franchise @Airtel
  •  “I will take another workshop from Bervidson Retail Group Workshop” 
    – 100% of the Retail Management Workshop 


This workshop is designed for Retail Senior Managers to discover leading edge information, knowledge and insights. Through case studies and industry best practices that showcase required skills and strategies, this workshop examines what works and what doesn’t.

Retail Management Training from a totally pragmatic perspective, it provides leading edge information, discusses critical factors that impact success and profitability directly. Program contains actual and complex retail management challenges in various retail operational fields. It also covers the latest concepts and best practices in Performance Management and Leadership, Sales Management, Retail Marketing and Analytics, Retail Key Performance Indicators, Balanced Scorecards and related Retail Math in great depth. Innovative customer service strategies, total service quality and customer service action plans are also covered in detail. Result is an effective retail manager equipped with the necessary knowledge, tools and insights ready to positively and dramatically impact the performance of his/her company.





Day 1:

  • Retail Performance Metrics, Key Performance Indicators and Related Retail Math:
  • o Identification and Calculation of Retail Metrics – Retail Math
  • o Key Performance Indicators
  • o Retail Balanced Scorecards
  • Analysis of Performance – Benchmarks
    • o Break-Even Point Analysis
    • o P/L Statement Diagnostics
  • Utilization of Business Intelligence in Retail Operations:
  •        o Customer and Market Potential Estimates
  •        o Customer and Market Profiles
  •        o Customer and Market Segmentation
  •        o Product / Service Needs Analysis
  •        o Product / Service Potential
  •        o Trade Area Analysis
  •        o Store Network Optimization
  • Retail Marketing
  •        o Direct Marketing Communications
  •        o Advertising Mix Analysis

Day 2:

  • Retail Sales Management:
  • o Relationship and Solution Selling Applied to Retail
  • o Meetings as an Effective Sales Training Tool
  • o Sales Forecasting, Budgets and Quota Establishment
  • o Competitive Strategies – Positioning
  • o Incentives, Rewards and Motivation that Work!
  • o Compensation Strategies for Top Performance
  • o Non Monetary Rewards and How to Apply them for Maximum Productivity
  • Excellence in Retail Customer Service:
  •       o Customer Service Strategies
  •       o Determinants of Customer Service Quality
  •       o Customer Service Action Plans
  •       o Creating and Retaining Loyal Customers

Day 3:

  • Executive Leadership for Effective Performance Management
  •      o Planning for Success – Setting the Direction – Purpose, Vision, Mission, Strategy
  •      o Framework for Growth
  •      o How to Establish Strategic Imperatives
  •      o Performance Management: People – Performance – Strategic Imperative Link
  •      o How to Establish Performance Culture
  •      o Strategic Enablement: Integrated & Automated Processes
  •      o Strategic Staffing Model for Top Performance
  • Synergy of Sales Skills, Great Customer Service & Leadership Know-How for Top Retail Management Performance:
    • o Road Map to Top Performance in Sales and Profitability
  • Sample GAP Analysis through BI
  • Sample SWOT Analysis and Strategy Maps
  • Resulting Strategy and Tactics
  • How to Increase Sales by 20% in Six Months
    • o How to Sustain the Success Achieved and Build on It





Date: Feb 26-28, 2018

Venue: Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja / Bervidson Training Centre, Lekki Phase 1

Fee: N259, 500 Per Participants & N233, 550 for 3 or more Participants from a the same company

Note: Fee covers materials, facilitation, tea break & lunch and certification only



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