Celebrating Retail Leadership in Nigeria

The retail industry in Nigeria is transforming and certain individuals/organisations have contributed immensely to the growth and development of the industry and to Nigeria economic growth as a whole. However, for some reasons, these individuals/orgainsations have largely been unrecognised. The are the unsong heros of our nation whose hard work and dedication should be recognised and celebrated. At Retail Info – Nigeria’s no 1 news and information portal, it is our deepest desire to celebrate them.

As a start therefore, Retail Info is dedicating a page to celebrating individuals/organisations who have exceled in retail business, and contributed immensely to the development and growth of retail industry in Nigeria and by extention Nigeria’s growth and development.

These individuals/organisations either started their businesses from scratch, and/or turned around retail businesses, and/or have grown retail businesses from a small state into big business concerns. They have seen the ugly, the bad and the good sides of retail and retailing in general. Today, they have  good and inspiring stories to tell. This category of retailers, we heartily celebrate!

Effective the month of October 2017, join us to choose and celebrate one of our very own Retail Icons and Generals as The Retail Leader of the Quarter.

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