Nigeria’s No. 1 Retail News and Information Portal. is an online portal dedicated to promoting retail businesses and industry success through the provision of news, information, articles, interviews, surveys, on retail and retailing in Nigeria. Such information may include but not limited to new retail business opening, new stores opening, expansion, acquisition, international retail businesses and investors launching in Nigeria, Retail businesses closing, new retail innovations, what industry stakeholders are doing, who is doing what and where, Government & MDAs policies and actions affecting retail. will also bring to you information regarding retail events such as conferences, trainings, exhibitions, and retail job vacancies and retail career minded candidates. as well as promote retail vendors (suppliers of goods and services to retail) and more. therefore, is the go-to information portal for retailers, suppliers to retail, retail career minded individuals, retail investors and policy makers to get exclusive actionable insights into challenges, opportunities, issues, innovations and trends shaping the retail industry and on how the various stakeholders and actors can advantageously improve their positions, business performance and the overall retail industry performance in Nigeria while maximising the industry’s contribution to our national economic growth.


  • Provide retail news and information about retail and retailing events, activities, policies and actions regularly
  • Provide information about retail actors and players, and shoppers and consumers behaviour, retail service providers and vendors, and other such general information about retail regularly
  • Shape retail’s future by building awareness of the industry through news, information, statistics and stories; education, experiences, and fostering business and industry development and growth
  • Develop and publish retail content to aid the development and growth of retail businesses
  • Provide retail educational information, articles and report for retail growth and development
  • Promote retail development through regular provision of news, information and advocacy
  • Advocate for retail support to industry stakeholders
  • Regularly surface key issues, challenges and opportunities in retail
  • Provide Retailers the opportunity to list and showcase their businesses
  • Provide Vendors (Suppliers of products and services to Retail) the opportunity to list and showcase their businesses
  • Provide a platform for retailers and vendors to connect, meet and exploit opportunities in retail
  • Provide a platform for Retailers and Vendors to advertise their products and services
  • Provide Retailers opportunity to list their job vacancies for prospective job seekers
  • Provide Job seekers the opportunity to submit their CVs and apply for open job vacancies
  • Provide information on industry performance
  • Provide information on retail businesses’ performance and leadership
  • Celebrate retail businesses and leadership

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RETAILINFO BUSINESS is the meeting point of retail opportunities and resources. We bring retail businesses in contact with Vendor (suppliers of goods and services to retail) on a single platform and vice versa in Nigeria, Africa and the Globe. As the biggest and ultimate go-to platform for business networking, we are dedicated to the development, growth and success of retail and vendor businesses. news1




RETAILINFO ADVERT is a showcase platform for retail brands, products and services. We help brands to promote retail products and services on a single platform in Nigeria, Africa and the Globe. As the ultimate go-to platform for retail promotions, we are dedicated to the development, growth and success of retail and vendor businesses.

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