Customers are leaving stores empty-handed!


Customers are leaving stores empty-handed!


The President, Bervidson Retail Group and convener of the annual Retail Leaders Conference, Mr. Joseph Ebata has said that poor customers’ experience impacts negatively on retailers ability to drive outlet footfall, sales and profitability.

Speaking on the topic “Customer Experience -The New Battleground for Retail Success” at the just concluded 4th edition of the annual Retail Leaders Conference in Lagos, Ebata noted that poor customer experience impacts negatively on customer loyalty, retention, referral and advocacy. He further noted that poor customer experience would lead to customer frustration and inevitably to churn.

He further stated that retailers’ indifference in attitude to customers’ experiences is the number one reason for churn and negative advocacy in retail industry.


85% of customers leave the store empty-handed! - Joseph Ebata


According to Ebata, customers’ experience is the single most exciting opportunity for today’s businesses success. He also identified knowledgeable associates’ as the key to retailers’ successful execution of any successful customers experience strategy.

“The critical role of retail associate in driving customers experience and sales is very important. Studies revealed that when customers are attended to, helped by professional and knowledgeable associates, 90 percent of customers are likely to buy, and 60 percent and more would buy more than they originally planned. 91 percent of customers are more likely to shop again at that store when they leave satisfied and helped. Unfortunately, 90 percent cannot find a knowledgeable associate to help them and 85 percent leave without purchasing anything as a result,” he emphasized.

“As the battleground for retail success shifts to customer experience, how prepared are you? What experiences are you, your store and your associates (employees) creating for your customers? The time to change is now, otherwise, you may just become history! Ebata concluded.

As sad as this may sound, the truth is out: Customers are leaving stores empty-handed! But you can do something to change the situation – improve on your customer experience.

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