Exciting Retail Career Opportunities!

Retail Academy presents the “Retail Training and Internship Program – RTIP”

The level of youth unemployment in Nigeria particularly among graduate is increasing at an alarming rate. This number is set to get worse as our institutions continue to produce more graduates year after year in an economy where the absorption capacity is very low. How do we solve this challenge of youth unemployment? How do we provide our youths with the much-needed opportunity for gainful employment in a decent profession with promises and opportunities?

A key sector that has presented itself ready to support the government in solving the nation’s unemployment crisis is retail. Globally retail employs 17% of the working population. In Nigeria, retail employs about 10%, which is below the global average. The implication is that the Nigerian retail sector has the capacity to employ an additional 7% to be at par with the global average. And it can do more! But the challenge for retail is the absence of qualified talent to work in the industry on the one hand and absence of a retail talent pipeline development strategy on the other hand.

At Bervidson, we have thought through the twain challenges of national graduate youth unemployment and the absence or near absence of qualified talent/ talent pipeline development in retail. Therefore, to actualise this vision, Bervidson has set up the Retail Academy.

The Retail Academy’s goal is to recruit young unemployed graduate, train and equip them with the requisite retail industry specific skill, knowledge and attitude required to withstand the rigors of working in retail. Thus, we can reduce the nation’s graduate youth unemployment on the one hand, and on the other hand, provide the retail industry with the much needed qualifies talents and a pool of talent pipeline from which industry players can continue to source qualified retail talents to complement their operations.

Retail is detail. Retail is hard work. Yet retail offers so much opportunity for the willing, able and discerning individual.

The Retail Academy is the first institution in the sub-region dedicated solely to recruiting, training of unemployed youths who are interested in building a career in retail. The  Academy has begun the recruitment of the pioneer students of the institution.

Are you a youth, a graduate and employed? Do you desire a career in retail? Do you have what it takes to work in retail? Then, this program is for you. Train with us, learn from us and walk into the arms of employers waiting eagerly to receive you.

For more information and registration visit: www.retailacademy.com.ng

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