RTIP is designed as an invaluable program for individuals interested in starting and developing a career in retail.

Retail associates are central to the success of any retail organisation. They are the face of the organisation – the brand ambassadors.

RADP is therefore, designed for retail employees and front line ambassadors of the company below the supervisory grade.

More often, supervisors are formerly retail associates that excel in discharging technical competencies in the discharge of their duties. However, the skills set requirement for retail associates and supervisors are different. This skill gap has become the nightmare of most retail organisation, which RSDP will to address.

RSDP is therefore, designed to help Retail Supervisors, Assistants, Unit Heads and Potential Supervisors to bridge their skill gap.

Retail Entrepreneurship Development Program – REDP is designed for individuals who are considering starting and running their own retail businesses.


At the end of the program, participants will:

  • gain invaluable knowledge about the world of retailing;
  • gain relevant retail skills, knowledge and attitude needed to succeed in the business;
  • outperform your colleagues with proven retail best practices both at interviews and on the job;
  • opportunity to be gainfully employed in key retail organisations; and
  • opportunity to earn more than your pairs with superior knowledge and performance.
  • Become a proud recipient of the Retail Academy certification

For more Information, please visit Retail Academy

Method of Enrolment: Open enrolment here


RA is dedicated to preparing and inspiring retail-minded individuals for successful career and entrepreneurship in retail. The school develops retail technical and operational talents and entrepreneurs in retail who are rooted in Nigeria’s retail culture and up to on global retail best practices.

RA is a member of Bervidson Retail Group.


  • To make retail businesses more successful.
  • To be the ultimate destination for the acquisition of best practice retail technical and operational knowledge.



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