Expert Urges Retailers to Develop Right Mindset for Success

A renowned retail expert in Nigeria who is also the President of Bervidson Retail Group, Mr. Joseph Ebata has urged retailers in the nooks and crannies of the country to develop right mindset towards retail.

Ebata who disclosed this at the weekend while delivering a paper on the topic “The Mind-set of a Successful Retailer” at the graduation ceremony of Retail Academy in Lagos said that failures of some businesses sterms from the wrong attitude to  success.



While speaking on attitude one of the critical mind-sets retailers must develop, he defined possitive attitude as an optimistic approach to both challenges and opportunities and the willingness to take necessary actions to make success happen.

He implored retailers to develop a positive attitude in dealing with their customers, emphasising that they should have an optimistic approach meeting customers’ needs as well as an optimistic approach to the challenges and opportunities of retail and retailing.

Ebata further advised retailers to take action to make things happen for the benefit of all stakeholders.

While speaking on vision as  another mindset of a successful retailer, Ebata noted that no retailers can grow beyond his vision, adding that where there is no vision, people perish.



The third mindset a retailer must have according to him is the mindset of improving oneself.

“The day you stop to improve, you start dying. You cannot grow beyond what you know. Continuous improvement and continuous learning are both important and will lead you to higher levels of performance. If you’re not learning everyday, you will soon become obsolete,” he stated.

Ebata who said being a team player is the fourth mindset, noted that there is always a better way of doing things and nobody has a monopoly of that better way, adding that a tree cannot make a forest. He advised retailers to embrace the spirit of collaboration and the willingness to share information with one another so that retail can survive and thrive amidst the challenging business landscape.

“The fifth mindset is being customer-centric .’ The customers are the reason why you are in business. Focus upon the needs and desires of the customers rather than the sales of the product or service,” he said.



Ebata disclosed that relationship, emotion, empathy, availability, differentiation, speed of service, fast delivery, connection, collaborating of values, creating a ‘wow world’ and experience are what retailers need to take with all level of seriousness in their dealings with customers.

According to him, whenever customers buy anything from retailers, they are actually buying the experience – an experience that begins well before they come into the store and extend to his post shopping at the store. He defined customer experience as the sum total of the customer encounter before, during and after his encounter with the retail brand, store, people, products and services across all touch points.  And customer experience is very important and critical to repeat businesses, loyalty and advocacy, he further stated.


By ‘Gbenga Bankole

News Reporter

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