To successfully compete and excel in an ever changing consumer economy, retailers must continue to produce the ’wow’ moments for the customer. This will guarantee that your customers keep coming back, bring their family and friends with them, and advocate on your behalf to others. However, to do this effectively, retailers must become experts at gleaning insights from consumer data across the entire shopping experience and turning these insights into actionable strategies and tactics to execute a successful operation. The retailer who excel in these areas really well on both channels will inevitably continue to flourish.

At Bervidson Retail Group, we are very passionate about the future of retail in Nigeria and its success. We have been involved in retail development over the years from retail consulting, training to conferences and providing platforms of development and growth for the industry with great success. Irrespective of the retail channel you choose, brick and mortar or e-commerce or both, the key secret to running a successful retail operation is to make the customer the centre and focus of everything you are doing.

For retailers to survive today’s well informed and ever changing customer, there is the need to have front line staff who are well skilled in customer interaction, engagement, customer relationship and ability to use insights derived to improve their engagement and relationship. Unfortunately, such staff are not easy to come by. Yet, the country is full of so many unemployed young graduates who would cherish every opportunity to become gainfully employed.

The goal of Retail Academy is to solve these twain challenges of dearth of staff in retail and unemployment in the nation. We are recruiting young unemployed individuals to train and equip them with retail industry specific skill as well as support them to secure employment into any of the retail organisations. Therefore, we seek young talented individuals with a passion to work and build a career in retail.

Retail is indeed a noble profession for the discerning individual and the opportunities are immense. This training will not only train these unemployed youth, but will also expose them to the huge opportunities retail offers.

Enrol today to take advantage of this opportunity.

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