Company culture is at the heart of competitive advantage and is the hardest for competitors to copy.   Some retailers manage to build a superb performance culture within a retail organisation – the culture that inspires people to go the extra mile–to make and execute good decisions even when nobody’s looking and that makes people outperform all others.  It’s important to determine how things are done and how people behave.  But fewer than 10 percent of companies actually succeed in building a winning culture and even the ones that do, find it hard to maintain.  Leadership is key to the challenges of creating and maintaining such a rock solid performance culture.  If leaders model the behaviors and values that define the new culture such as spreading the word through constant personal contact, communication and example, it will transpire.

Today, we continue our discussion on 75 ways to build and establish a great and winning performance culture. Happy reading.

  1. Know your numbers
  2. Speak to the numbers every chance you get
  3. Never speak about anything being more important than the numbers
  4. Walk the talk…always
  5. Be reasonable but always have high expectations
  6. Never let a good deed go unnoticed
  7. Never let a bad deed go unnoticed
  8. Don’t mess around trying to fix things that aren’t broken
  9. Always strive to improve processes
  10. Performance must be measurable in every area of the company

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