Did you ever wonder how some retailers manage to build a superb performance culture within a retail organization? Did you know that a well established performance culture makes people outperform all others? Did you know that a great performance culture inspires everyone and turns average employees into Super Heroes?

Would you like to know how to build and establish a great performance culture in your organization?

This week, we shall be sharing with you 75 ways to build and establish a great performance culture in your organisation that is sure to deliver millions worth in sales!

Are you ready? Here you have the 75 ways.

1. Decide what performance means in your organization

2. Write it down

3. Never stop communicating that message

4. Check for understanding at all levels

5. Be consistent in expectations

6. Decide who is forming or building the culture and make sure that person is highly visible

7. Appoint Cultural Ambassadors

8. Set the standards of performance

9. Write them down

10. Never stop communicating the standards


Stay tuned for more.

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