Hurray! Finally, It Is Here

As industry leaders continues to work together to articulate ways how best to support the industry and guide it along the best transformation part, Bervidson Retail Group Nigeria’s leading retail consulting, training and development group is once more at the forefront in providing the retail industry with the first industry specific news and information platform – Retail Info – an online news and information platform that is wholly dedicated to retail and retailing success in Nigeria.

In addition, Retail Info will also serve as a search engine for retail businesses, vendor businesses (suppliers to retail), retail job vacancies and candidates looking for retail jobs, retail events. The platform will provide views of key actors and leaders through interviews, articles and reports. In addition, the platform will be celebrating retail leaders who until date are unsung heroes of the noble profession call retail.

Retail Info therefore, is the go-to information portal for retailers, suppliers to retail, retail career minded individuals, retail investors and policy makers to get exclusive actionable insights into issues, challenges, opportunities, innovations and trends shaping the retail industry; and on how the various stakeholders and actors can advantageously improve their positions for growth and sustainability.




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