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When it comes creative, Innovative, and daring designs, Nigerian fashion designers top the list amongst their contemporaries in the world of Fashion. Showing off their amazing and breathe taking designs at the Lagos Fashion and design week 2017 (LFDW) was indeed a sight to behold as various designers showcased various ready to wear apparel.

Lagos Fashion and Design Week (LFWD) 2017, is a multi-day Fashion event platform that brings together stakeholders, fashion designers, models, retailers, consumers under one roof to network and share ideas and information on how to grow fashion industry in Nigeria.

The LFWD 2017 sponsored by Heineken Beer held between the 25th Oct. 2017 and 28th Oct. 2017 at Eko Atlantic City. It was designed to exhibit the newest trends and arrivals by creative Nigerian fashion designers. The event which is held annually had the Best of Nigerian outfits on display while presenting Retail exhibition and Runway shows.

Some exhibitors spoke on the growth of the fashion Industry in Nigeria, how this has added to the GDP of the Country in the past years as well as areas to explore in the Industry.

Retailing Fashion apparels has often posed a major challenge to designers, many of whom are seeking ways to overcome this challenge. While some are opening their own retail store outlets, others are using established retail outlets as a distribution channel to get the most from their designs.

In recent times, as designers seek to push their messages more into the market, social media have provided effective platforms of messaging. A key social media platform that is aiding designers with messaging, promotion and sales is Instagram.

Didi Daley, Creative Director of Didi Isah Fashion Accessories

According to Didi Daley, Creative Director of Didi Isah Fashion Accessories, “Instagram is a modern shop and consumers find it more engaging and interactive to web broom and buy online. More so Instagram has made it easier to reach out to consumers”. “In the past 18 months for instance, more people have reached out to Didi Isah via Instagram and that has aided improvement in sales,” She added.

Odelia Christiana of Style Vitae

Odelia Christiana of Style Vitae, an Online magazine said “Instagram has really helped a lot, now we don’t have to go through the hustle and bustle of going around with your merchandise, we have more chances of reaching out to more prospective customers just by uploading our products on Instagram, share with Friends and if your products are good, it goes viral. It has cut down cost in terms of road transportation, traffic etc. By just putting your products online, you are certain you will get clients to respond and place their orders”.


All Photos credit by Retail Info.


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