Bervidson Retail Group is facilitating the 2018 Retail/Supermarket Food Distribution Workshop for United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)/Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) Lagos, U.S. Consulate General-Lagos in collaboration with National Association of Supermarkets Operators of Nigeria (NASON). Bervidson Retail Group is Nigeria’s premier retail consulting, training, coaching and development group, Conveners of The Retail Leaders Conference and promoters of Retail Academy and

On behalf of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)/Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) Lagos and National Association of Supermarkets Operators of Nigeria (NASON), Bervidson Retail Group, invites you to participate at the subject event

  • Theme: “Improving Retail Food Handling & Safety for Sustainable Profitability and Growth”
  • Date: Thursday, September 6, 2018
  • Time: 9:30 am
  • Venue: Lagos Oriental Hotel, 3 Lekki Road, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The workshop brings together owners and operators of major supermarkets and convenience stores, importers and distributors of food products in Nigeria, retailing and marketing consultants as well as representatives of food regulation agencies in Nigeria to evaluate modern, trending and developing methods and issues in global retail food and supermarket operations.

The workshop is designed to transfer to participants, adequate knowledge and modern techniques for their business growth and sustainability.

Participants who import and distribute U.S. food and agricultural products in Nigeria will also be able to utilize the opportunity provided by the event to exhibit and/or introduce their products and samples to supermarket owners and other members of Nigeria’s Retail Food Sector—including members of U.S. Mission (Nigeria) who will be attending the Workshop.




Nigerian consumers/families are increasingly shifting away from purchasing food products at the traditional, open-air markets to buying foods from modern temperature-controlled supermarket and convenience stores. These include both the locally processed food products and food products imported from other countries across the world. Despite this, Nigeria’s retail food sector remain grossly underdeveloped and poorly managed whilst many discerning food suppliers across the world are concerned about the handling and distribution of their products to consumers. Issues such as food safety, nutrition and consumer rights/protections are also increasingly becoming the major focus of discussion in global food businesses—from production, distribution and to consumption. With a globalizing world, Nigeria’s retail food operations and management will need to transform significantly towards adopting the modern and the evolving consumer food distribution and systems that address these global issues.

With more U.S. food items now exported and sold in Nigeria, the United States Department of Agriculture/FAS located in Lagos is organizing this Workshop to support Nigeria’s retail food sector with some knowledge and skills to improve the handling of food products sold in modern temperature-controlled supermarket and convenience stores to consumers.

Nigerian firms in related activities also would learn about food retailing trends/techniques that will assist with developing and building business relationships with food product suppliers from across the world. It will help local operators of consumer food outlets to build goodwill and improve communications with both local and foreign suppliers as well as the Nigerian government agencies regulating food imports and distribution in Nigeria.

Participants will earn unique insights into critical areas where they must focus for improving retail food handling & safety in order to: 1) be profitable, 2) grow sustainably and 3) to identify and adopt solutions to factors constraining growth in Nigeria’s retail food sector.

In addition, this Workshop will also offer participants the opportunity to interact, network and hunt for business information that will shape and re-shape their business strategies for greater success.

Lastly, permit us, while extending the very best assurances of our highest consideration, to convey to your esteemed self, we will appreciate if you could confirm that you or your representative/associate will be attending and provide us with attendees’ contact details including cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses, company name and position in the company on the form below and send to: and copy


Note: Attendance is by invitation only and on a first come first served basis.



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