Marketsquare concludes Retail Workshops in Port Harcourt.

Every Business has one focus, to satisfy clients and keep them asking for more. Sometimes satisfaction can be hard to achieve especially in the absence of new ideas and concepts to help brands meet up with the growing needs of their clients as well as keep up with the growing competition in the industry.

The risk is that unless businesses are prepared and quick to commit to developing the required competences needed in satisfying today’s customers, they might just become history sooner than they can ever believe.  Developing that required competences may sometimes mean consulting experts capable of providing solutions that suits your business and develop strategies that can help enhance growth in business.

In a bid to scale her operations for maximum success, provide her customers with better experiences for greater engagement and satisfaction, the management of Marketsquare, one of the nation’s emerging retail supermarket brand operating out of Port Harcourt City employed the services of Bervidson Retail Group, Nigeria’s leading retail consultants and trainers.

The 3-day workshop sessions featured two different programs; Retail store management workshop’ and The Retail customer fundamental service workshop. Both workshops were designed to equip members of staff with skills, competences, strategies and ideas that will enable the brand compete in today’s ever-changing and fast-paced retail environment, provide the customers with the best experience, optimize the store operations for maximum profitability and conducted is a relax, interactive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Here are what some of the participants at the workshops said:

“The training has broaden my knowledge about retail store management. I have been attending retail training but this one is unique in terms of delivery as the facilitator carried everyone along, always asking and listening to our feedbacks. The training was very interactive and really broadened my knowledge about retail store management.”
Farouk Adebayo, Branch Manager

“The depth of knowledge of the facilitator and his audience connectivity are wonderful. The Retail Store Management Workshop was an eye opener and a big challenge I am willing to take. I really think with trainings like this one, the face of retailing is about to change in our land.”
Makinde Gbolahan, Dept Manager

“This training has given me an indebt knowledge of retail store management. I gained a lot from the sessions on customer service management, visual merchandising and employee’s management.”
Nzewunuah Okechi J.K, 

The workshop has been very educative and insightful, treating topics and issues relating to the retail store management for maximum success in details. Gained a lot of valuable information with the facilitator braking down in bits all aspect of the retail industry to make it understandable to a nonprofessional.
– Nnandi Reginald C, Deputy Manager 

“Bervidson Retail Group, they are the best so far! The class is not just educative, but very entertaining too; there was never a dull moment.”
 – Ifesinachi Ezirim, checkout manager

The training was concluded with the participants feeling refreshed and charged to act on their newfound enthusiasm for success.

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