Retailers to expect competition from new and unexpected direction – Abhik Gupta

The Managing Director East and West Africa, Nielsen Mr Abhik Gupta while speaking on the topic ‘Nigerian Retail Growth Opportunities and Strategies” said that the major reason why some brands failed in Africa is the failure to distinguish themselves from others.

He noted that much of the growth is witnessed today in the retail sector is due to the trend of migration from rural areas toward cities where job opportunities are more plentiful.

Speaking on the strategies to win in retail, Abhik said that retailers should understand that shoppers’ expectations would continue to change, adding that they must be prepared to meet up with these expectations.
He advised retailers to expect competition from new and unexpected direction.
Abhik also advised retailers to match shoppers’ mission with online and offline offering, emphasising that retailer must develop their online platforms because that is the meeting point of today’s generation.

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