Step Up Your Game – Invest More In Your Staff, Offer Compelling Experiences & Flourish – Retail Expert

Retailers in the country have been advised to step up their game when it comes to staff hiring, training and development, if they wants to stay competitive and flourish this year and beyond.  This was disclosed today in Lagos by Joseph Ebata, Nigeria’s retail expert, President and founder and Bervidson Group, a Retail and Brand Consulting, Training, Coaching and Development Company.

Speaking with Retail Info Mr. Ebata said, Any retailer who want to stay competitive and flourish this year and into the foreseeable future, must step up their game and commit to global best practice staff hiring, training and development.”  According to him, “It’s no longer enough to train employees on your products and store policies — these things are just the bare minimum. You also need to train them to relate better to shoppers. Your associates should have the ability to connect with customers in a memorable way that will keep your coming back foor more!” “By the way this is also true for non retail businesses, particularly our non retail SMEs.” He added.



For companies that continues to underpay and overwork their employees in 2019 and beyond, tough times are ahead, he warns. The retail employment landscape is shifting; hiring is on the tough and finding the right candidates is more challenging than ever even in the midst of huge graduate unemployment!

The other is experience. According to Ebata, “Experience is the new currency in the retail ecosystem and the company that have a lot of it to trade with will not only flourish and smile to bank, but is guaranteed to be successful in foreseeable future.”


“Customers don’t flock a retail store simply because it is convenient anymore. The most important driver of store footfall is the experience they get in the store.” He added.

According to Mr. Ebata, “customer experience is the total of all experiences a customer has with the business, based on all interactions (before, during and after), and his/her thoughts about the business.” Speaking further, he said that “your people are central to the kind of experiences that your customers receive in your stores, which is why it is very critical that you invest more in your people, that is if you go is to be around for a very long time to come.”

“The “right” customer experience strategy will depend on your products, your store, your people and your shoppers. It’s essential that you know all four like the back of your hand so you can come up with the best offerings possible.” He concluded.

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