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TRLC, NIGERIA 2018 (5th Edition)

The 5th edition taking place of June 6-7, 2018 promises to be bigger, better and is sure to host even more exciting opportunities for retail businesses and industry stakeholders. As Nigeria’s preeminent gathering of Retail Thought and Practice Leaders, the Conference continues to guide the emerging retail industry along its best transformation path. The Conference is the ultimate go-to event for retail and retailing in Nigeria.

What is New?

The Conference has been extended to 2 day to provide more time for discussions, more involvement by participants, more time for networking, more exploration of retail opportunities, importantly more time for exhibitors and exhibitions and most more businesses successes.


The Exhibition for the TRLC 2018 is set to attract more local international exhibitors particularly vendors (service providers to retail) from across different verticals providing goods and services to retail, especially retail technology (software and hardware) and payment solutions. To accommodate the expected number of exhibitors, the main bowl of The Eko Convention Centre of Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria have been arranged for this purpose and the Conference days have also been increased from 1 to 2 days.

We expect more local and international retailers in attendance. We expect more local and international investors in attendance. We expect more local and international vendors (service providers to retail) in attendance. We expect more government, ministry, department and agencies in attendance. We expect more embassies in attendance. We expect you in attendance!

We invite you to join us  and explore the huge opportunities in the Nigeria retail market for your business success.

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About The Retail Leaders Conference – TRLC

The Conference (TRLC) is an annual gathering of retail thought and practice leaders from around the world in Lagos, Nigeria to explore the huge opportunities in the fast transforming retail landscape of Nigeria. The gathering also provides the right opportunity to brainstorm, discuss and align on the key issues, and challenges of the Nigerian Retail Industry and importantly how to drive the sustainable growth of the Industry.

TRLC was first convoked in 2014 and continues to grow year on year pointing leaders to the emerging opportunities in the transforming retail market as well as supporting the industry to chart the preferred transformation path and proffering practical solutions to the many challenges facing the industry for the greater success of retail businesses and the industry.

We are grateful to all who supported us since the first convocation of the Conference in 2014 and invite you again to join us in 2018 and together we shall make the future of Nigeria retail industry great, while exploring the huge opportunities the market offers for your business success.

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A Brief of Past Editions

  • TRLC, NIGERIA 2014 (1st Edition)
    In 2014, our theme was “The Nigerian Retail Transformation: Change, Challenges & Opportunities”. We explored the future of Retail in Nigeria and came out with imperatives that Nigerian Retailers must achieve to be alive and thrive in the future.


  • TRLC, NIGERIA 2015 (2nd Edition)
    In 2015, our theme was “The Future of Retail in Nigeria: The Seven Horsemen”. We examined the 7 Key Factors that will shape the Future of Retail in Nigeria. Key take aways were the need for retailers to futureproof their enterprises;


  • TRLC, NIGERIA 2016 (3rd Edition)
    This 2016 edition’s theme “Unlocking Retail Potentials for Survival, Growth & Sustainability” was picked because of the dual challenge of survival and growth that is probably what is keeping most retailers awake at night. The country is dealing major economic challenges – from infrastructural to bureaucratic challenges and lately the challenges of foreign exchange and liquidity in the system and more.


  • TRLC, NIGERIA 2017 (4th Edition)
    The Conference comes against the backdrop of major economic upheavals and structural challenges. The government is actively seeking to reposition the country with emphasis on diversification of the economy. A key sector that is set to become a major growth pillar is retail. The theme was “Supporting Retail: The Next Driver of Nigeria’s Economic Growth”
    Indeed, the Conference has been celeberated as a huge success boasting of 3 world Embassies in attendance: The US, French and The South Africa Embassies. All had their Economic Counsellors in attendance.
    In addition, The Consul General, The South African Consul General was our Special Guest and Lead Keynote Speaker. The US Commercial Service was our sponsor and exhibitor at the conference with the Economic Counsellor, Brent Omdhal aslo speaking at the Conference. The Conference can only get better!


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