The Retail WAR in Nigeria have just begun!


The Retail Roundtable presents The Retail WAR Strategies Series to equip retailers in Nigeria with WAR strategies & tactics for winning in today’s dynamic and competitive market.




The Retail is at WAR in Nigeria! The WAR is fierce and ‘survival of the fittest’ is the code name of the WAR. Only the strong, strategic, innovative and determined will survive. Discerning retailers not only know this, but are daily preparing and fighting to win the ever dynamic and unending WAR, beat the competition and dominate the category.

It might feel weird to live in a world without Macy’s, J.C. Penney’s or Kohl’s These major retail outlets are household names locally and even internationally. Sears, Kmart, Mattress, Brookstone, Toys R Us, Barney’s filed for bankruptcy and many others are on the brink of extinction. Target and Macy’s have both been missing revenue projections. Even the mighty Walmart has had its long-term strength questioned by the experts’ forecasting. Recent report says its Africa revenue is on a fast decline lane!

Any discerning retail leader that want to play the game, therefore must become a brand people care about and a brand that people love! Because right now there’s a war in the retail business, a war where even our today’s household names may be eaten alive by new competition. We saw the same thing happen in the music business. we all lived through it. Watching technology put music giant Sony Walkman out of business with the advent of Apple iPod, iPhone and Android Phones. Same for the photography industry! Remember Kodak?

Nigeria also had its fair share before and even very recently too! You may remember Kingsway, UTC, Leventis? Certainly you will remember Woolworths, OLX, DealDey, Efritin. What about the mighty Konga of old?

And who’s tomorrow? We tend to think our businesses are immune and therefore are safe. But are they? Have we built brands people actually care about? Have we built brands people truly love? Will consumers go out of our way to shop your stores, shop again and again, and recommend others? Or will they jump on board with Amazon or Alibaba, or a customer-centric local brand (your competitor) the first chance they get….?

Though tough the Retail WAR may be, loosing is not an option! Winning At Retail is it!!

The Retail WAR in Nigeria have indeed just begun! But will you survive?

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The Retail WAR Strategy Series



The Retail WAR Strategies Series seek to provide and equip retailers with apposite (but sometimes overlooked) WAR arsenal, strategies and tactics for winning in today’s dynamic and competitive Nigeria retail environment. The WAR (Winning At Retail) Strategy Series seek to among other things; drive home the point for retailers in very clear and certain terms that retail are at WAR; and to present retailers with tried and proven global retail best practice winning strategies and tactics flavoured to handle local realities.

Want to learn more about how to gain a competitive edge and bolster your brand? Want to learn how to build brands that consumers love? Want to learn how to build brands that last?  Want to tap into your underlying charisma to unlock your brand’s full potential? Want to checkmate your competitors in the ensuing retail WAR and win?

If your answer is yes to any or all of the above questions, your solution is simple: build a brand your consumers love, and your business will survive!

If your answer is yes to any or all of the above questions, then you must not miss The Retail Roundtable presentation of The Retail WAR Strategies Series starting September 2019. The first edition holding September 27, 2019 at Lagos Continental Hotel (formerly Intercontinental Hotel), Victoria Island, Lagos.




The Retail Roundtable events are invitation-only breakfast or dinner and networking events designed for enterprise level leaders – owners, c-level executives and senior managers in retail and retail supporting organisations. The events feature lively presentations and panel discussions of leading enterprise retail leaders and executives about retail business outlook, current issues and best practices within the organisations in an elegant, exquisite scenery!

This is the second edition of The Retail Roundtable – TRR 2.


The Retail Roundtable is powered by Bervidson Group, Nigeria’s leading retail and brand consulting, training and development group and convener of The Retail Leaders Conference, Retail & SME Startup Conference, and promoters of Retail Academy and Retail Info.



The Retail WAR Strategy Series



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