Thinking of How to Grow Your Retail Business in 2018?

Are you looking for someone to support you with the development and management of your retail business for growth and sustainability? Bervidson Retail Group can help.

Bervidson Retail Group retail training and development solutions have in diverse ways made the difference in many retail businesses. Wouldn’t you also want Bervidson to support you to make your most desired impact?

Here are ways we can help you:

  1. Retail Success 2018 – Your Ultimate Competitive Advantage
  2. Your Retail Coaching Solution

No. 1 retail training, consulting and development group in Nigeria

Let’s start from where you are at today. Tell us about what is at the top of your priority list. Are you…

  • Looking for ways to increase your sales?
  • Searching for ways to effectively manage your retail business?
  • Wanting to optimize your staff engagement to get better productivity?
  • Searching for simple and up to date and effective retail tools and method that
    will enable your team to deliver better results?
  • Considering to improve your visual merchandising or store layout and want to accurately understand its impact?
  • Already analysing your retail business performance, but looking to get more and better insights?

No. 1 retail training, consulting and development group in Nigeria

Regardless of where you start, Bervidson can help. From store operations to leadership, sales, service and experience, Bervidson delivers the knowledge, tools, methods and on-going support to ensure every member of your team gets the expertise they need – from the front office to the executive suite.

  • Getting started: All it takes is a simple phone call or email for us to know what you are planning to achieve, so we can propose what we can do to help you.
  • Who we work with: We work with retailers just like you. We designed our service for all retailers, regardless of size or category. From single store to multiple stores, we have a service that can work for you.
  • Our service costs: Affordable and flexible. You can enjoy our services either on a retainer basis for a long and continuous engagement or by signing on to any of our open workshops or in-plant/ in-company workshops.
  • Custom designed training programs: All our training workshops can be customised to suit your needs, addressing critical issues across the entire company and at all levels.
  • Manage with insights: Connect the dots – performance data, insights & actions
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About Bervidson Retail Group

Bervidson Retail Group is Nigeria’s premier retail consulting, training and development group in Nigeria. We are a team of experienced, innovative retail consultants, trainers and coaches. We deliver practical solutions that helps retail organisations maximise performance, drive growth and success.
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