Training has been recognised as one sure way to improve the productivity and growth of discerning organisations including retail businesses. Training can and do produce tremendeous results in retail business operations of retail organisations that have embraced it. In addition to training, your managers may also need to understand what the results mean, how to glean insights from the result and action the insights to increase their managerial and leadership capabilities and team’s productivity.

For instance, did you know about these dramatic differences between the weakest and the strongest retail leaders?
 (Research: Zenger-Folkman)
 4-6 times higher profits
 6 times higher sales revenues
 10-20 times higher levels of employee engagement
 3-4 times reduction in employees thinking about quitting
 50% fewer employees that do leave
 Double the satisfaction with pay and job security
 4-5 times more employees “willing to go the extra mile”
 1.5 times higher customer satisfaction ratings


“Coaching unlocks a persons’ potential to maximize their own performance.
It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”
 _Tim Gallwey



Speaking today with the President of  Bervidson Retail Group, a leading retail consulting, training and coaching company in Nigeria, Mr Joseph Ebata, He said: “In our effort to continue to support the growth and development of retail businesses in Nigeria and the West Africa sub-Region,  effective January 2018, Bervidson Retail Group is launching one of its newest programs – “YOUR RETAIL COACHING SOLUTION – designed to help retail businesses in Nigeria and West Africa to achieve more results. The solution is a unique retail coaching program to support leaders, managers and team leads at all levels in your organization to boost productivity, profitability and guarantee a sustainable growth.” In addition, he said “We have carefully selected a pool of retail leaders from within and outside the country with huge and invaluable wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to form a body of retail coaches from which retailers can tap into”.

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“The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of
an organization’s valuable resources.”
 _Harvard Business Review


“Our goal is to help retail leaders and managers understand what the art and science of retail and retailing, their business numbers, how to interpret the numbers, action the insights, manage the team more intelligently and ultimately optimise the resources employed for greater productivity” Mr Ebata said.

Speaking further, he said “we recognise that every retail business is uniquely different and so are the leaders, managers and team leads of retail businesses. As part of our service, we have developed a coaching program to equip your leadership and management teams with apposite retail skills, tools and methods suited to your unique retail business needs. We know time is precious. So, we conduct our coaching programs on variable terms – a more practical and efficient way to get the message out across your entire chain.”



“Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player,
a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.”
 _Bill Gates

If you desire any, some or all of the following, then Retail Coaching Solution is just perfect and right for you and your business.

  • You want to grow your retail business.
  • You want better skilled people in your business.
  • You want to be more productive and efficient.
  • You want more sales but more importantly you want to sell more, more profitability.
  • You don’t have a support structure to help you achieve your desired results.
  • You want to reverse your business story right side up (turnaround)
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According to Mr Ebata, there are two coaching options are available from which retailers can choose;

Option 1: The Call-In Coaching Program

Under this option;

  1. You are required to complete a form online wherein you shall state the challenge for which you believe the services of a retail coach and expert is needed.
  2. Based upon an assessment, if it determined that the case requires coaching, one of our retail coaches and experts shall be assigned to you with whom you shall agree to work and resolve the issue.

In addition, the following shall be discussed and agreed before the commencement of the coaching sessions. The coaching sessions shall be for an agreed duration of time.

  • The total duration of the coaching period (one month, a quarter…)
  • The number of engagement that is needed (not more than once a week)
  • The time and day of the week that is suitable for you are required to call-in for a session with the retail coach and expert
  • Set benchmarks and mile stones to assess the coaching impact
  • The cost of the coaching sessions agreed and terms of payment.
  • You shall be required to pay a commitment fee.
  • All payments as may be agreed shall be made upfront including the payment of a commitment fee
  • All calls are metered and as a result, the call shall terminate exactly at the agreed time. However, you may choose to extent the time provided;
    1. The retail coach and expert is available to continue the session with you
    2. You have made an upfront payment for the additional time in consideration
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Option 2: The Physical-Contact Coaching Program

Under this option, the key difference with option 1 above is that the retail consultant and expert physically meet with you in person at the agreed place (our office, your office or a safe public place) instead of a call-in and shall be for a determined period of time. All other conditions shall hold.



Speaking further, Mr Ebata said, “in addition to our coaching program, we also deliver consulting session and live presentations at workshops, conferences, strategy sessions and meetings. These presentations will, beyond equipping your people with best practice skills, tools and methods, will infuse you team with the attitude and energy they need to excel in what they do, and achieve more. Results when benchmarked against pre-determined KPIs like Sales Lift, ATC, UPT/UPC and Conversion Rate, have been proven to deliver between 20% to 100%, with some client actually reporting  very high numbers.”

“At Bervidson, our goal is to help your leaders, managers and team leads to succeed in delivering better results, and “Retail Success 2018 – Your Ultimate Competitive Advantage”  and Your Retail Coaching Solution are proven ways to do it. Both programs are open to individuals and organisations.” He further revealed.

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